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Wedding Videography Packages
Covering Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay

We are always more than happy to create a custom package to suit you, but to give you an idea of what we can offer, here is a bit more information on our two main packages:

CINEMATIC PACKAGE (two videographers)
This is our most popular package and is a great way to make sure that nothing is missed. Wedding days are a live event, which means there is always a lot going on and most things only happen once – having two videographers cover your wedding is something that we highly recommend. Unlike photographers, we have a lot of gear to constantly set up and pack up (cameras, tripods, audio, lighting, etc) and having two people means that there is always at least one set of eyes watching and capturing what is going on throughout the day. It also means we can capture more angles and be a little more creative in how we capture things, as there is always one person there to get what we call the ‘safe shot’. Along with our standard Documentary Film, which is a full-length film of your day from start to finish (including your ceremony and speeches), this package also includes a beautiful Story Highlight Film (as seen on our blog).
View some of our Cinematic Package (10hrs full day coverage) films hereJessica & Keenan, Jess & Dean.

ESSENTIALS PACKAGE (one videographer)
Still want a professional film but don’t quite have the budget for the Cinematic Package? Our Essentials Package still gives you all the ‘essentials’ of the day in our standard full-length Documentary Film, with the option of adding in our Story Highlight Film before or after the wedding day. With one videographer we still make sure all the important aspects of your day are covered, and whatever else we can get as we do also need set-up and pack-up time. Our shooting style is also more simple with this package, as we want to concentrate on the content rather than creativity.
View some of our Essentials Package (base 6hrs coverage) highlight films hereCate & Tom, Natasha & Martin.

We also have lots of Optional Extras that you can add in to your package, including:
FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM TRAILER – check out our Facebook Page to see some of previous trailers.
FEATURE FILM – a 10-20 minute creative film of your day. View samples here (password is feature) and here (password is MaliaWed).
LOVE STORY FILM – a pre-wedding day film that gives a little insight into your story and a great way to introduce yourselves at your wedding reception. View a sample here.
SAME DAY EDIT – what better way to surprise your guests at your reception than a short film of the day so far! View a sample here.
PRE WEDDING SHOOT – there is a whole process to the lead up of a wedding, whether it is a dress/suit fitting or a pre-wedding day activity, this is totally up to you! See how we can incorporate these into your wedding film here.

If you would like to see further samples of each of our packages, feel free to have a browse through our blog, which has all of our recent weddings and also lists the package booked in the description of each.

Have any other thoughts or ideas? We are always keen for a chat, so don’t hesitate to get in contact!