Glengariff Historic Estate Wedding | Rebecca & Craig

Glengariff Historic Estate Wedding | Rebecca & Craig
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How were you feeling at the start of the day? Do you think you were calm, nervous, excited, etc?
We were both quite calm at the start of the day but then as the ceremony crept closer, we turned into a bag of nerves. So much so that I was hysterically laughing the whole way down the aisle. 🙂

What was your most memorable part/s of the day?
Definitely the ceremony because it was such a climax of the day. That one moment where all those months of planning lead up to. Also the dancing was a real highlight when everyone was relaxed and having a great time.

Was there anything that surprised you about the day, anything you weren’t expecting?
Everybody always says how quick the day will fly by, we weren’t prepared for how true that was. It was like we blinked and it was over.

Now that the day is over, how do you feel everything went?
We feel that it went perfectly- so perfect that we forgot to throw the bouquet and garter! We were all just having so much fun!

Any tips for future brides/grooms?
We were given some great advice by my sister Amanda who had gotten married a couple of years earlier. She recommended having our own table for just Craig and I so that we at least go to eat together because we would be so busy. I think our advice would be to do the same or make sure you schedule in (because you will need a schedule) sometime by yourselves to just talk or have some quiet together. It’s a busy day and there are so many people to talk to and things to do that often you get to the end of the night and realise that you haven’t spent any time with your husband/ wife.

How did you find working with All Your Memories?
You guys were a dream to work with! You made us both feel so at ease and comfortable. You guys are truly professional but also so warm and fun. I would recommend you to anyone. Based on the snippet we have seen, the quality is so amazing. I never thought it would look so great. Thank you so much for the amazing job. 🙂

Wedding Videography – All Your Memories (filmed by Bernice & Lance)
Photography – L&M Images
Celebrant – Robin Livingstone
Wedding Dress – Strictly Bridal
Hair & Makeup – La Bella Vita
Band – The Ceilidh Clan

Wedding Videography Brisbane | All Your Memories